Come See For Yourself

Hours 6:30am-9:00pm

Back in the days before air-conditioning, farmhouses would often have a separate building where they would cook meals, preserve garden-fresh produce, and bake goodies.  Having a separate building meant the women would not have to heat the main house while the food was being prepared.  This building was known as the Summer Kitchen.

The Summer Kitchen was usually a cozy place. It was a great place to gather.   It was where family and friends would gravitate when they came to visit, because they knew that warm smiles, good food, and friendly conversation were guaranteed.

Today, we have air-conditioning and modern kitchens with all the conveniences.   But, we still need a place to go once in a while where warm smiles, good food, and friendly conversation are guaranteed.  So, with that in mind, don’t heat up the kitchen in your house tonight.  Head out to the Summer Kitchen.  

We’ll be waiting for you with a big plate of something good to eat. Guaranteed.

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