We’ve seen a lot of changes in the financial services industry over the past 30 years. At Securities America, we remain focused on helping advisors create a more effective, profitable and satisfying practice by providing exceptional financial counsel, product offerings and service to their clients.

While our advisors come from many backgrounds, one characteristic has stood out among the most successful in the business: there’s always room for improvement. For some advisors, improving their business means client base growth and gathering more assets. For other advisors, it means providing higher levels of service to clients or improving efficiency in processes. Still others find satisfaction in coaching and mentoring a younger advisor or building a succession plan to protect their clients, employees and family.

We know that advisors cannot do it alone, so at Securities America, we provide tools needed to offer the highest quality guidance and advice to your clients, while achieving the goals you set for your practice. As an independent broker-dealer for more than 1,800 advisors, this includes providing award-winning technology and comprehensive practice management opportunities

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